The VMM Art Fund is a giving circle that connects like-minded artist through performances, monologues competitions


patrons through direct engagement with artists, curators and non-profit spaces in Los Angeles and offers financial support to projects that reflect an interest in social justice and thought leadership.

About VMM Art Fund

VMM Art Fund makes contributions to artist-led projects, including The Virgin Mary Monologue Competition that distributes monetary prizes to thought provoking, socially impactful work. 

Our events facilitate behind the scenes, intimate access to exhibitions, artists, curators and non-profit art spaces in Los Angeles. 

Upcoming Events



Grantees & Funding

Our members are exposed to dynamic partner organizations through our curated events. These organizations are then considered for a year end grant.

Congrats to our 2020 recipients: For Freedoms, LAND, ICA/LA, The Mistake Room and The Underground Museum!

Photo Credit: For Freedoms, “Freedom of Worship”

AAF & Artadia

In 2020, AAF partnered with Artadia to establish the inaugural Angeles Art Fund Artadia Award.

We share a common goal of supporting exceptional artists as they build their practice and facilitate socially impactful work. Congratulations to Suné Woods, who has been selected as the recipient of the inaugural Angeles Art Fund Artadia Award and will receive $10,000 in unrestricted funds.

Our Goal

Our grantees give artists opportunities to take risks with new ideas or new media, and to provoke a dialogue with the public.

We support impactful arts non-profits in a meaningful way while building new friendships with others and pooling our funds for greater impact.

The Founder

The Angeles Art Fund concept began when Marta Ferro, a Philanthropy Leader asked Art Advisor Victoria Burns to educate a group of clients and friends about the intersection of art and social justice. Ferro invited Jon Foster, CEO of Angeles Wealth Management to join the discussion, and this was the genesis of The Angeles Art Fund: an exclusive, innovative and intellectually challenging philanthropic art experience managed by Marta Ferro and curated by Victoria Burns. 

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